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Star Disc Separation System

Star Disc Separation System
Amadas can provide a wide range of industrial machinery which consists of: Bulk Feeders, Disc Separators, Chain Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Hammermills, Soils Blending Systems, Packaging Systems, Packaging Line Accessories, Palletizing Systems, Trommel Systems, and Portable Trommels.

The Amadas Model DS-72-18 OCC Star Disc Separator System will reduce labor and overall operational costs while increasing throughput and production efficiency through the utilization of a dynamic new approach to function, serviceability, material flow, productivity, and safety.

Engineered and built for high production and dependable service, the Amadas OCC Star Disc Separator is designed to positively sort OCC from an institutional / commercial office wastestream. This is accomplished by infeeding the wastestream into the high agitation Star Disc Separator allowing office paper and other small miscellaneous contaminants to negatively separate from the larger, more rigid pieces of OCC by falling through the openings between the discs and allowing the OCC to be carried over the top through to the discharge of the system.

Having designed and manufactured well in excess of 1000 disc separation systems currently in operation worldwide, in varied applications, we are confident that our knowledge and experience will result in us providing you with a system that will achieve your objectives.

Increased production capacity, reduced labor costs, improved reliability, enhanced maintenance and service features, increased performance efficiency, all this and more from the company committed to your continued success...Amadas Industries.
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